About Complete Choice Insurance

At Complete Choice Insurance, we are continuously working to provide
the individual coverage you require. When it comes to protecting your
auto, home, business and family, don’t leave it up to chance. At our
agency we take pride in our business and strive to provide
comprehensive coverage at competitive prices while maintaining
superior customer service. As your insurance professional our focus is to
assist you in identifying your needs and problems, while putting together
a customized plan that’s simple and easy to understand. So what do we insure?

Homeowners Insurance

We understand there’s no place like home.  And we want to provide you
with the most efficient service in protecting it. We take great pride and
time in educating your clients on the Brevard home insurance options
available and providing the lowest premiums available.
We offer:
 A complete education regarding Brevard home insurance options and
discounts including Wind Mitigation Discounts, Alarm Discounts
and Year-Built Discounts.
 Flexible premium payment options
 Streamlined processing
 Customized high-value packages including jewelry and other
treasured items
Many of our customers enjoy huge savings on their homeowners
insurance.  Find out how you, too, can save!  Ask for a free homeowners
insurance analysis today!

Flood Insurance

It’s no secret that Florida experiences hurricanes and violent storms, and
the results often include major area flooding. Caring insurance
professionals at Complete Choice Insurance provide, undeniably, some
of the best flood insurance available in the industry. Being close to the
ocean is nice, but it also comes with its own dangers, mainly storms and

Auto Insurance

If you own a car, auto insurance is not just an option –  it’s a legal
necessity.  And you wouldn’t want it any other way. If you’re involved
in an accident or have your car stolen, owning the right kind of auto
insurance can help to ease a difficult situation.
We Offer:
 Liability
 Comp. and Collision
 Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists
 Rental Reimbursement
 SR22


That is the goal Complete Choice Insurance  reaches – every time – for
those requiring motorcycle insurance. The talented staff at Complete
Choice Insurance understands the unique features of Florida law
regarding motorcycle insurance, and will bring their experience to the
table when working with you to get a just insurance package.
Personal injury along with medical payments incurred in a motorcycle
accident top the list for potential losses, and can certainly result in
catastrophic losses. Certain age groups, such young adults, are more
prone to have motorcycles, so policies have to be tailored to the age
factor as well as other inherent risks with motorcycle use.
Florida’s no fault laws for auto insurance do not apply to motorcycles.
For this reason and other specifics related to Florida laws regarding
motorcycle use and protection, such as helmet requirements, seek the
best – Complete Choice Insurance. They will assist you in obtaining
the motorcycle insurance package that bests serves your unique needs.

Boat Insurance

Living near the ocean is a wonderful luxury that many do not get to
experience. By living in Florida we are inundated with boats and other
watercraft, finding quality boat insurance is a must. Going out on the
water shouldn’t leave you stressed and worried, so let our team of
experts at Complete Choice Insurance help you find the perfect
coverage for your boat! For small boats, yachts, and everything in-
between, we can find the perfect solution for your insurance needs.

Business Insurance

We specialize in Structural Insurance, Contents Insurance, Commercial
General Liability (CGL), Wind Mitigation, Flood, Directors and Officers
Insurance and Tenant Liability and Contents Insurance.
With the ability to write insurance with a variety of carriers, we ensure
our clients are receiving the best coverage for their unique needs. We
believe in earning your business and take great pride in educating our
clients on all of their insurance options and providing the lowest
premiums available.

Health Insurance

We offer rates for individual and group health insurance plans.  Whether
you are looking for information on low-cost insurance plans from major
Florida health insurance companies, you will find everything you need
here, in one convenient location.
We offer:
 Individual and Family
 Dental and Vision
 Pre-Existing Conditions Accepted
 Pharmacy/Prescription Discount Programs

Life Insurance

Life insurance is unique among financial instruments.  It is one of, if not
the only financial instrument, that is based on caring and love.  Even
though there can be personal advantages to having life insurance.  To
find out more about these advantages please contact us, we’re here for

Umbrella Insurance

Your family, home, and vehicles are usually your main concerns when
you’re looking for insurance. Sadly, many overlook Personal Umbrella
Insurance, which covers the “additional stuff,” that normal insurance
doesn’t cover. For instance, what happens if you get in a car accident
and resulting medical bills are over your policy coverage? Complete
Choice Insurance has you covered! A Personal Umbrella
Insurance policy with us will cover you in situations where costs
exceed your normal insurance limits.
We love our community and want to offer excellent policies that keep
you and your loved ones safe and secure. Accidents shouldn’t bankrupt
people, so contact us today and we will help!