Common car insurance questions

Is car insurance required?

Almost every state requires its drivers to carry auto liability insurance. Some states may also require uninsured/underinsured motorist coveragepersonal injury protection, or medical payments coverage.

How much insurance coverage do I need?

Your individual needs and situation should dictate how much insurance you need. When you’re trying to determine how much insurance to buy, here are a few factors to think about:

  • How much can you afford to pay out of pocket? Choose a deductible that you know you can pay out of pocket. Also, if you choose lower limits, you might be personally responsible for damages that exceed those limits. Consider whether you can afford this possibility, too.
  • Do you make payments on your car? If you do, you may be required to have comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to liability coverage.
  • What type of vehicle do you drive? It’s wise to have higher limits for vehicles that can cause more damage, such as large SUVs.
  • Do any drivers live in your house but never drive your vehicles? You may be able to exclude them from coverage on your policy, which means you won’t have to insure them on your policy.

Remember, you can call us anytime if you have any questions about your coverage options. We’ll help you decide before you buy.

What’s an insurance deductible?

Your deductible is the amount you’ll pay if you file a claim under certain coverages. For example, if you file a collision claim to pay for repairs to your car, the claim payout you receive will equal the cost of the repairs, minus your deductible amount. With Progressive, you’ll typically be able to choose a deductible ranging from $250 to $1,000, but this may vary by state and coverage type.

How do I know if I chose the right coverages?

During your Progressive quote, you won’t be able to select coverages that don’t apply to you. If you’re unsure about what optional coverages to select, you can use the coverage help we provide during your online quote, or you can chat with a licensed insurance representative using the “Talk to Me” option. If you’re getting a quote by phone or through a local independent agent, you can ask questions throughout the quote.

Can I make changes to my car insurance before my renewal date?

Yes, and it’s easy to change your policy, too! You can log in to your policy anytime to add or remove vehicles or drivers, change addresses, pay bills, and more. Keep in mind that some changes will affect the price you pay for insurance, so your premium may change.

Does Progressive insurance cover rental cars?

Your personal auto policy with Progressive can cover you while driving a rental car, up to the extent of coverage you have for your own vehicle. For instance, if you have comprehensive coverage on your regular car, that protection extends to most rental cars.

Additionally, if you have rental car reimbursement on your policy and your car is damaged in a covered accident, Progressive will pay for a rental (up to a specified limit and time frame) while your regular car is being repaired.

Can I insure a car that’s not in my name?

In most states, yes. The vehicle will have to be regularly parked at your residence overnight in order for Progressive to insure it on your policy.

Does my car insurance cover other drivers?

If you lend your car to someone and they cause an accident, Progressive may cover some of the damages they’re liable for. Whether or not the damages would be covered depends on the accident, your coverage limits, the specific damages, and more. Learn more about how insurance works when borrowing cars.

What does car insurance not cover?

Depending on the coverages you select, your car insurance can protect you financially from injuries and damages you cause, as well as damages to your car. But regardless of the coverages you have, your car insurance won’t cover wear and tear, mechanical failures, or possessions stolen from your car (though your homeowners or renters insurance will typically cover items taken from your car).

Making policy changes

Find out how to take care of basic policy maintenance.

How quickly do changes I make go into effect?

If you make a change to your policy, the change can be effective immediately, or in some situations, you can choose the effective date.

Do I need to start a new policy to add a driver or vehicle?

No. You can simply update your current policy to reflect your current situation. We’ll help you with any changes, too.

How long do I have to add a new car to my insurance policy?

With Progressive, you have 30 days to transfer your insurance to your new car. The coverages you have on your old vehicle will still apply to your new car during that time period.

Can I change car insurance companies before my renewal date?

Yes. You can switch to Progressive at any time, even if you just renewed your policy with another insurance company. When you cancel with an insurer, you’ll get a refund for the money you paid in advance.

How do I add a lienholder to my car insurance policy?

If you’re financing or leasing your vehicle, you’ll be prompted to select the lender upon purchase of your policy when quoting online.

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