Florida Is The Riskiest State To Get Into A Car Accident

If you’re going to get into a car crash, you better hope it doesn’t happen in Florida, according to a new WalletHub study that ranks states on how safe they are for drivers’ wallets.

In fact, the Sunshine State is the worst state to get into a car crash because of a combination of uninsured drivers and minimal insurance requirements

To come up with the rankings, the study looked at state insurance policies, how much liability insurance drivers must have, whether personal injury protection is required and whether they protect against uninsured drivers.

“Florida has the worst combination of lots of uninsured drivers, and low-minimum requirements for drivers who do have insurance,” said Karl Eisenhower, WalletHub’s managing editor. “This means that if you’re involved in a serious accident, there’s a better-than-average chance the at-fault driver will either have insufficient insurance or no insurance at all, potentially leaving you holding the bag.”

Rounding out the five most-risky state’s for drivers’ wallets are Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mississippi and California. Maine was the least-risky state.

See the full study and rankings here.

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