Are You Covered For A Fireworks Accident?

According to authorities, there have already been three house fires caused by fireworks in Iowa, but with more and more people getting ready to set them off, what do you need to know about your insurance policy if there were to be an accident?

The question: Am I covered for any property damage or injury?

The short answer? Maybe.

“You’re house would fall under property and casualty insurance; so homeowners, renters, even your car insurance is property and casualty insurance; so when you have a problem with a firework that may damage your home or your car, those insurance policies are going to be the ones that have the coverage,” said Chance McElhaney of the Iowa Insurance Division.

For some, checking their policy might not be the first thing they think of.  Not true for Bob Carber.  A former insurance agent himself, he explained some of the ins and outs of coverage, while buying fireworks of his own.

“If our fireworks are going up and going into the neighbor’s yard and burn the neighbor’s house down they would file a claim against their homeowner’s policy and then their insurance carrier would in turn file a claim against my homeowner’s policy” said Carber.

Carber says he wasn’t buying anything that could burn a house down, but he said for those buying something with a bit more punch, do your research; not all policies will cover firework accidents.

“Probably the easiest thing is simply to call your agent, and ask, ‘We’re going to be shooting off some fireworks, is it covered under our homeowner’s policy?’” said Carber.

Insurance experts say some policies will specifically exclude firework damage from items that they cover.


Source:  WHOTV

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