Florida Aims To Be HQ For Driverless Cars

Florida wants to save lives and create jobs by making you a passenger in your own car.

The state has just announced Florida will be hosting a major national conference on driverless cars.

The plan is to make Florida one of the world’s headquarters for automated vehicles.

Florida is already one of the only states where you can take an automated car out on the road. Or, I guess, where you can let the car take you out on the road.

And the Selmon Expressway in Tampa was recently named as one of just a handful of testing spots in America for connected cars that can talk to each other, eventually leading to driverless cars.

The Florida Department of Transportation wants to keep making us a leader in this, so they’ve just announced an Automated Vehicle Summit later this year in Orlando. Car makers, road builders, even people from the military are all expected to be there in December at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

On day one, they’ll be in conference rooms, talking over the newest ideas. Then on day two, they’ll be out at Walt Disney World Speedway, showing off connected cars and driverless cars that exist right now with demonstrations and test drives.

The Florida DOT says making our state the center of attention in this technology will save lives, improve lives, and be a huge economic boost to our state.

More than 30,000 Americans die in car crashes each year. If we can cut down on driver error, we can save a whole lot of people we care about.


Source:  First Coast News

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