The Most Deadly Interstate In The U.S. Is In Florida

Floridians may want to proceed with caution the next time they’re behind the wheel.

Three of the United States’ deadliest interstates go through the Sunshine State, according to a new study ― including the top offender, Interstate 4.

The 132-mile roadway, which runs from Daytona Beach to Tampa, has seen 1.4 deaths per mile in the last six years. It has consistently ranked among the country’s top 10 most dangerous interstates in that time period, according to an analysis by EverQuote, a service that compares auto insurance companies.

Interstate 95 ― which runs from Miami to Houlton, Maine ― and Interstate 10 ― which runs from Jacksonville, Florida, to Santa Monica, California ― also made the list, at Nos. 5 and 7, respectively.

The study used data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Report System between 2010 and 2015, as well as information from EverDrive, an app EverQuote designed with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to monitor drivers’ phone activity.

Distracted driving could help explain the high number of collisions, the study suggests.

EverDrive ranked Florida as the second worst state for phone use while driving. It’s legal in the state to drive while talking on a phone, and texting and driving is just a secondary offense, meaning drivers can only be cited for it if they’ve committed another violation.

Glenn Victor of the Florida Safety Council told Fox 35 Orlando that the findings didn’t surprise him, noting that tourists use I-4 to flock to Orlando’s many theme parks.

“What’s the first thing they do when they get off the plane?” he asked. “They rent a car that they’re not familiar with and they’re on their GPS, so they’re looking at the phone and their GPS which, of course, is a distraction while they’re driving.”

Anyone wanting to avoid the second and third most dangerous roadways should steer clear of Texas and Arizona, according to the study.

The Lone Star State, which lacks statewide distracted driving laws, contains four of the most dangerous interstates: I-45, I-30, I-10 and I-37. (Bus drivers and novice drivers aren’t allowed to text while driving, and talking on handheld phones is banned for all drivers in school zones.) EverDrive listed the state as No. 21 on its ranking of phone use behind the wheel. I-45’s speed limit was also increased to 75 mph in 2012.

Arizona placed third on the list, with I-17, I-19 and I-10 all running through the state. Like Texas, Arizona does not have statewide distracted driving laws, although school bus drivers are prohibited from using phones behind the wheel. The state ranked No. 7 for phone use while driving.

Check out the entire top-10 list below:

  1. Interstate 4:
    132 miles
    1.41 fatalities per mile
    In Top 10: 6 times
  2. Interstate 45:
    285 miles
    1.24 fatalities per mile
    In Top 10: 5 times
  3. Interstate 17:
    146 miles
    1.03 fatalities per mile
    In Top 10: 6 times
  4. Interstate 30:
    367 miles
    1.03 fatalities per mile
    In Top 10: 5 times
  5. Interstate 95
    1,926 miles
    0.89 fatalities per mile
    In Top 10: 6 times
  6. Interstate 19:
    64 miles
    0.88 fatalities per mile
    In Top 10: 4 times
  7. Interstate 10:
    2,460 miles
    0.85 fatalities per mile
  8. Interstate 37:
    143 miles
    0.8 fatalities per mile
  9. Interstate 26:
    306 miles
    0.8 fatalities per mile
  10. Interstate 97:
    18 miles
    0.79 fatalities per mile


Source:  Huffington Post

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